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Welcome to the Quantum Endeavors Leadership Academy!
Supporting executives, leaders, and professionals to make the next great LEAP in their leadership, lives and careers! Your
Quantum Endeavor is waiting for you!

Designed to support you to create your quantum endeavor - living your great life doing your great work!

Quantum Endeavors development programs are the most powerful, convenient and affordable way to enjoy what has been proven to be the most effective development tool, executive coaching from an industry-leading Certified Master Executive coach!

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ExecCoach Ann
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WSJ.com: US Business
US Business

 Mobile Strength Propels Google

Google parent Alphabet said quarterly profit soared 24%, the second internet giant in two days to report blockbuster earnings driven by consumers’ rapid shift to mobile devices.

 Oracle to Buy Cloud-Software Provider for $9.3 Billion
Business-software maker Oracle agreed to buy NetSuite for $9.3 billion. The cloud-computer firm’s largest investor is Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison.

 Microsoft to Shed 2,850 Additional Jobs
Microsoft Corp. plans to lay off 2,850 employees, adding to previously announced job cuts as it retools its sales operations and dismantles its mobile phone hardware business.

 How Mobile Games Rake In Billions
Behind a pair of recent multibillion-dollar deals in the mobile videogame industry is an expertly crafted weapon: virtual goods sold inside apps for as little as 99 cents a pop. In-app purchases let players spend real money to bypass ads, acquire skills or grow powerful quickly.

 Amazon Posts Another Blockbuster Profit
Amazon reported another record profit and its fifth-straight quarter in the black as it continued to reap new sales from Prime memberships and its relentless push to deliver goods ever faster.

 Cities Struggle to Add Upscale Housing While Maintaining Diversity
From Seattle to Chicago to New York, cities are struggling to crack the ultimate urban code: How to squeeze in ever more well-off people without driving out the less affluent?

 U.S. Jobless Claims Rose, but Still Point to Expanding Labor Market
The number of Americans filing new applications for jobless benefits climbed last week—rising 14,000 to a seasonally adjusted 266,000—though that level continues to point to an growing job market.

 Apple's Hard-Charging Tactics Backfire in TV
Some of the tactics used by Apple to achieve success have hurt its efforts to revolutionize the TV-watching experience. In search of its new big thing, the company has alienated cable providers and networks with an assertive negotiating style.

Fast Company
Fast Company inspires a new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business.

 You Won't Believe What It Takes To Move A 2-Ton Satellite Across California
An inside look at how DigitalGlobe gets ready to launch a satellite into orbit. It's easier said than done.You may not have heard of DigitalGlobe, but you've definitely seen its work in action.Read Full Story

 How Where You Sit In Your Office Impacts Your Productivity
Bad behavior in the workplace is contagious. But a new study suggests that pairing workers together can boost productivity and profits.Your office seating chart may hold the key to how happy and productive you are at work.Read Full Story

 Michelle Obama And Ivanka Trump Show You Two Ways To Give A Knockout Speech
Both women's masterful convention addresses showcase two powerful speaking styles: one cinematic, the other percussive.There are many ways to be a bad speaker and many ways to be a good one. Those twinned truths have been on display during the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this week and last. And while their backgrounds and politics differ quite a bit, Michelle Obama and Ivanka Trump delivered two of the most memorable and compelling addresses—for similar but different reasons.Read Full Story

 How Hampton Creek's Plant-Based Foods Have Scrambled The Grocery Aisle
From yolk-free mayo to chickenless "eggs," Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick has a vision for a new kind of food chain.From Silicon Valley to SoMa, the Bay Area is packed with blockbuster companies that were built on little more than a good idea. But there's only one that was built on a condiment. Three years ago, Hampton Creek's Just Mayo, which swaps a protein derived from Canadian yellow peas for the eggs that help emulsify oil into sandwich-spreadable goodness, appeared in Whole Foods (and, later, Walmart and Kroger) stores across the nation. Among an increasingly influential coalition of shoppers—ethics-minded consumers, along with vegans and people with food allergies—it was an instant hit. To a casual observer, vegan mayonnaise hardly seemed like the opening salvo in a war to capture supermarket-aisle space from giants like Unilever, Kraft, and Nestlé. To Josh Tetrick, the 36-year-old founder of San Francisco–based Hampton Creek, it was that and more. A high school football star from Birmingham, Alabama, who still speaks with a Southern drawl, Tetrick sees the entire global food system as an opportunity for the kind of rip-it-up-and-start-again thinking at which Silicon Valley excels. Or as he puts it, flashing a wolfish grin, "I want us to be the biggest food company on the planet. And I want us to do some good at the same time."Read Full Story

 How To Project Authority Right After You Get Promoted
How do you get former peers and supervisors to take you seriously as a boss when everyone remembers the mistakes you made years ago?When employees take on leadership roles at new companies, they typically enter with a certain mystique. It's likely that no one saw you in the early years, when you were green or made some big mistakes. Or, if someone who knew you then brought you to where you are now, they clearly think enough of you to understand how you've grown over the years.Read Full Story

 How WikiLeaks Has Changed: From Whistleblower To Weapon
Experts say the organization appears to have grown more partisan, and more eager to boost impact by pegging releases to events in the news.When last week WikiLeaks released tens of thousands of emails believed to have been obtained by Russian hackers from top Democratic National Committee officials, experts say it marked a dramatic change in tactics from how the transparency organization has released data in years past.Read Full Story

 Why Marissa Mayer's Ultimate Talent Acquisition Strategy Failed
For four years, Marissa Mayer tried to save Yahoo. One of her big strategies—acquire, acquire, acquire—didn't pan out. Here's why.Though the writing has been on the wall for months—if not years—Yahoo has finally been acquired. Verizon has scooped up the company to the tune of $4.8 billion. For many, this is the beginning of the end of a years-long saga to fix a seemingly broken digital media company; Verizon says it will use the new assets to build a digital media empire. For others, it's just another chance to pile on the blame game for CEO Marissa Mayer.Read Full Story

 An All-Seeing Eye In The Sky Will Watch Over The Rio Olympics
The Olympic Games will be the first use of Logos Technologies' city-wide persistent surveillance system at a sporting event.When the Olympic Games begin next month in Rio de Janeiro, billions of people are expected to watch athletes from countries around the world compete.Read Full Story

 How Small Companies Can Attract Talent From Google, Apple, and Facebook
You'll never compete on prestige or financial returns, but there are other strengths a small company can offer.Successful companies are built with strong talent. Employees who have been with you since Day One are valuable because they're often entrepreneurial, and people who have an impressive resume as a result of working for high-profile brands can give your company a different kind of boost.Read Full Story

 Virgin America's New App Puts A Travel Agent In Your Pocket
The airline's new app by Work & Co launches in beta this week.Travel agents were among the first casualties of the Internet age, rendered obsolete by websites that let travelers select and book their own flights. But considering how time-consuming and complex it can be to hunt down the right seat at the right time and for the best price (be honest—how many airline tabs did you have open the last time you tried to fly?), some of us may be nostalgic for the golden age of travel in which your trusted agent knew your preferences—where you fly most frequently, window or aisle seat, first class or economy—completed the booking to those specifications, and bid you a polite bon voyage.Read Full Story

WSJ.com: Careers

 This Beach Cabana Has Lousy Wi-Fi
Ocean clubs are caving in to type A telecommuters by upgrading internet service and allowing patrons to install routers and land lines.

 How Netflix's 'Beat Bugs' Creator Tapped Rights to Beatles Catalog
Television-show creators base their ideas on everything from books to historical eras, but writer-director Josh Wakely uses an unusual formula: He starts by licensing entire catalogs of the world’s most valuable songs, including the Beatles.

 New Occupations to Be Part of U.S. Jobs List
In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics will begin using an updated set of job titles to track the U.S. workforce.

 GE Finds Employee Ratings Unsatisfactory
The industrial giant is latest to join the ranks of companies that are overhauling their performance-review system. Evidence suggests that boiling a year of performance down to a single category does more harm than good for many employees.

 LinkedIn Skills You Didn't Think You Needed: 'Round Tables,' 'Hugs,' 'Cheese'
Pranksters offer questionable endorsements for online profiles of friends and colleagues from a menu of 35,000 skills that includes ‘tapping’ and ‘crystal ball.’

 Meet the Verizon Executive Behind the Yahoo Deal
Two years ago, the CEO of Verizon Communications handed a rising lieutenant a big job: build three business units that can each generate $5 billion of revenue a year. That executive is Marni Walden.

 Roughly Half of Workers Are Satisfied on the Job
Just under half of U.S. workers said they felt satisfied with their jobs last year—the happiest they’ve been in a decade, according to a new report from the Conference Board, a research group.

 Tackling Workers' Mental Health, One Text at a Time
As employers seek to reduce the costs of untreated mental illness among staffers, they are turning to mobile apps that can help workers find and receive treatment on their smartphones.

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